fixed asset tagging kenya

What are barcoded asset tags and do I need them?
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Barcoded asset tags in Kenya are time saver when it comes to stock-take time. Our fixed asset Barcodes and our partners can assist you to pick the right choice of barcoded tags or labels, scanners and software to suit your needs.

We are cheapest asset tagging service experts in Kenya that cater for large and small businesses, making monitoring your inventory movements as quick and painless as possible.

Stainless steel and aluminium asset tags: click here for more information

These fixed asset tags in Kenya are virtually impossible to remove and are therefore suitable for high-value items such as electronic and computer equipment and peripherals.

Barcode printers and scanners: click here for more information

If you run large warehousing or logistics operations you may find it more cost-effective to invest in your own fixed asset barcode tag printer for in-house use. We will help you find the right system for your required output, and the matching scanners for your fixed asset tagging in Kenya or barcoding assets requirements.

Complete asset audits: click here for more information

To take the hassle and stress out of completing a full fixed asset audit we offer a full service to implement and maintain your fixed asset register on your behalf. This service includes fixed asset tags or fixed asset labels for your needs.

Software implementation and training:

Installation of software and on-site or web-based training is also available; as well as hardware and software support services.
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